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FIC: This I Promise - CGT - Yuhya/Lilika + Takeshi/Lilika [May. 18th, 2006|03:41 pm]
Kalingaw Oi!
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Title: This I Promise
Fandom: Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo
Characters: Lilika, Yuhya, Takeshi
Disclaimer: Crush Gear Turbo © Sunrise/NBN
Rating: G
Warning: Alternate Universe
Notes: This fic was written in response to this challenge. *Needs some editing

A Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo Fanfic
Written by The Red Parcel
(in response to this challenge)

This fic is for gaylee.

When we found out that Yuhya Marino won the semi-final round and thus eligible to compete in the World Gear Fighting Championships, everyone in the Tobita Club was ecstatic. Good-luck and celebration parties were held here and there and every now and then for Yuhya. Mr. Tobita, the club owner, promised that he would treat all the members of the club to a trip to the resort if Yuhya would become the Crush Gear Fighting Champion.

It all surprised us that while we were excited and nervous about his impending match with the European Cup champion Harry Gamble in the world championships, Yuhya appeared to be nonchalant about the whole matter. He continued to train diligently with his gear and practiced his maneuvers every single day for at least five hours. I was confident that Yuhya would win the tournament and advised him that he should prepare for the game by giving himself some rest.

“Good enough is not the best, Takeshi. Training is the best that I could do to prepare myself for the contest,” he would tell me every time I would give him my advice. That’s what one of the traits that I’ve always admired of Yuhya; he remained humble despite all his achievements.

There was also one other person who also diligently spent at least five hours in the club— Lilika, the club owner’s daughter. She would always sit quietly by the corner, surveying Yuhya’s every move attentively. Occasionally, she would rise from her seat and retreat to the manager’s office. Later on, she would return carrying a long stainless tray with both hands and offer the exhausted Yuhya some orange juice and crackers. Yuhya would always thank Lilika for her kind offer and take a break from his training.

I had always sensed that there was something going on between the both of them. Besides being an attractive, good-natured young girl, Lilika had always been one of Yuhya’s closest childhood friends. In school, Lilika would always hang around with Yuhya’s circle of friends and was always his partner in group schoolwork projects. One of Yuhya’s friends had even reported that he once saw the both of them walking in the hallway holding hands. In the club, Lilika would watch only Yuhya’s practice matches and would cheer for no one but him. When the fight was over, she would always return to her father’s office and assist him with his work.

My suspicions were confirmed one night, when I returned to the Tobita Club because I realized that I left my plastic envelope containing all my homework there. It was already eight in the evening when I arrived. The club was supposed to be closed, but I knew that Yuhya was still inside doing his training and so was Lilika. If the doors were locked, I would just have to call for them and ask them to open the door.

To my surprise, the doors were unlocked. I quietly slid open one door and was about to open my mouth and voice out my apology and explanation for coming to the club at such a late hour when an unexpected sight greeted me.

And, there they were— the both of them, wrapped in one another’s arms, their lips entwined in a passionate kiss.

I decided not to disturb the two clandestine lovers and slowly and stealthily, I turned towards the door and exited the club.

* * *

There was something different about Lilika’s actions the next few days. She seemed to be in unusually high spirits. She constantly kept humming a tune to herself and waltzed around wherever she went. She still continued to watch Yuhya’s training but there was something different with the way she gazed at the gear fighter. She often stared at him dreamily, perhaps recalling and reliving in her mind that one lovely night that she had shared with him. When she smiled at him, her eyes exuded warmth, cheerfulness, and vitality, and when she spoke to him, her voice was always soft and gentle and she would look at his eyes dotingly.

While Yuhya continued to exhibit his usual calm and focused self, his eyes did a poor job concealing his feelings for the club owner’s daughter. Whenever he would peer at Lilika, his eyes reflected this sense of longing for her like he wanted to hold her forever and relive that fateful moment when he had professed his love for her.

I had my share of their secret, too, and I found myself amused at the young couple who tried their very best to keep their relationship a secret from all the other people.

* * *

At last, the day for the World Gear Fighting Championships has arrived. The members of the Tobita Club arrived a couple of hours early for the fight so that we could get the best seats in the arena and to cheer up and give some words of encouragement to the best gear fighter of the club.

We were expecting to see him warming up in one of the practice rings in the backstage, but much to our surprise, a marshal informed us that Yuhya had not yet arrived. My instinct was to turn around and look at Lilika, whose smile early on faded into a worried frown.

We thought that he had just probably woken up late this morning and would arrive to the tournament venue at a later time. We stood around the backstage and waited for him to appear. A half past hour later and thirty minutes before the match would begin, Yuhya had still not shown himself. This time, Mr. Tobita could not contain himself and told the members that he would go out and search for Yuhya’s whereabouts. He assigned Lilika to look after the group. As I expected, Lilika insisted that she wanted to join her father in his search, but Mr. Tobita refused.

I could only watch as Lilika paced back and forth the room. Everyone else was worried that Yuhya would lose the match by default, but Lilika was more concerned about Yuhya’s condition. Perhaps she sensed that something awful happened to him.

“He’s going to be all right,” I tried to comfort her and held her hand. She didn’t respond but merely held my hand tightly and smiled although not as warm and loving as her smile at Yuhya. She looked beautiful nonetheless and I loved the way she looked deep into my eyes and for a moment, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and my heart quickly. I suddenly realized that I had begun to feel an attraction towards her. As if by impulse, I quickly pulled my hand from hers. Lilika looked surprised.

Just then, Mr. Tobita arrived and still catching his breath, informed us about what had just happened to Yuhya, that he had rescued a young boy from getting hit by a speeding huge truck. The impact left Yuhya in a critical condition.

The color drained from Lilika’s face and I saw that her hands began to tremble and when she spoke, her voice quivered. She demanded her father that we all board the van and take us to the hospital. We all agreed.

Along the way, Lilika was restless. She fidgeted with her fingers endlessly and stopped to look at her watch every thirty seconds or so. When Mr. Tobita announced that we had finally arrived, Lilika opened the door, leapt from her seat, and immediately ran towards the emergency room. I followed her as closely as I could.

We caught Mrs. Marino and Yuhya’s younger brother Kouya in the room. Mother and son were weeping. When Mrs. Marino saw the both of us, she shook her head and pointed to Yuhya’s direction.

Yuhya Marino did not survive.

I turned to look at Lilika who was trying her best to suppress her tears. I gave her a hug and stroked her hair gently.

“Takeshi,” she whispered through her sobs. She wrapped her arms around me and cried on my shoulder. I let her tears flow freely and whispered words of comfort to her ear.

As I was embracing her, I felt not pity but love and affection for this one woman who lost her first love. That day, I promised myself that I would take care of Lilika and love her as Yuhya did and perhaps even more than he ever did.