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FIC : OUAD @ 29 [May. 3rd, 2006|04:56 pm]
Kalingaw Oi!


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Well, I guess I should start this post by saying WELCOME TO kalingawoi!

This is fun. I'm hoping to revitalize my fangirlism here, as well as meet new friends, considering that I'm opening the community to friends of friends. Does that make sense? *scratches back of head* Anyway, I bring an update! This is for those CGT fans out there who've been waiting for the progress of my pretty random fic. =p

Once Upon A December
Chapter 29 : Tears of Anguished Hearts

He gripped the doorknob with a quivering, sweat-laden hand, his dark-colored eyes fixed on the door that stood between the past that came back to haunt him and the future that was going to destroy him if not faced. Taking a deep breath, he twisted it and slowly pushed the large wooden structure open, allowing light to leak through the dark, abandoned room that had once been his room and his office – back when he was known as the great Gear Master, Kyousuke Jin.

Read the rest here.

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