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Kalingaw Oi!

{how fun!}

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KALINGAW OI! is a Cebuano expression which roughly translates to "How fun!", and this place you've stumbled upon is the joint goodies journal (community, if you wish to go technical) of a group of friends (and friends of their friends) who have banded together for the love of their respective fandoms and whatnot. Here you will find our creations, from icons to site layouts and fanfiction - pretty much anything we find fun under the sun.

Enjoy! ^_^


bandana_boi is the dark lord of graphics designing who loves his digital camera and Adobe Photoshop, but has recently zeroed on inspiration. He makes icons, makes site layouts, makes customized bookmarks and calendars and calling cards and sells them for a 2/3 mark up on cost, and dances the cha-cha-cha (and all those other dancesport dance thingies for that matter).

darthnaku is the currently in-love aspiring payroll clerk who gets sudden bursts of energy to write poems and short stories. She's working towards fanfiction, but feels that her grammar is considerably less than her accounting and auditing knowledge. She likes pressing her calculator, writing on worksheets, making audit models and complaining about how tiring life at the university gets.

gaylee is the rabbbit-loving (spelling intended), hopeless romantic fangirl with the tendency to obsess and re-obsess over her few handpicked fandoms. Her escapades include fanfic writing, chasing plot bunnies of doom for fanfics and original stories that never get finished, sleeping, making icons at random intervals, fussing and swooning over cute non-carbon-based life forms, and, well, fangirling in general.

theredparcel believes that joining kalingawoi and broadcasting her writings and miscellaneous curios online is the first step to fulfilling her dream of conquering the world-- people must be brainwashed first and only then would she be able to rule the world. This female homo sapien is obssessed with the color red, receiving gifts, bossa nova, and BBC World's Destination Music. She gets ideas for her writings by talking to herself and role-playing the characters in the story. Whether or not she is actually schizophrenic is still a mystery.